Pakistan Prayer Guides

By December 2015 you will be able to navigate to the regional pages for district prayer guides with a list of the villages. 

The country of Pakistan was separated from what is now India just over 60 years ago following decades of British rule. Because of British influence, Pakistani culture now reflects a mixture of Western-style administration and an Asian method of doing things. The people are torn between dual desires: to be at the forefront of technology and also to retain the traditions of their ancestors. Pakistanis are extremely hospitable and warm people.

Prayer Points:

  •  God of Wonders, reveal Your truth to Pakistanis through dreams, visions and divine appointments with believers. Open their minds to receive Your Word. Give them a thirst for truth.
  • God of the Nations, help the people of Pakistan to understand that Christ can bring wholeness and purity to their diverse cultures.
  •  Ruler of the Universe, we pray that Pakistan be given a strong, people-serving government free of corruption. Let the appointed and elected officials respect human rights and implement effective laws for keeping order. “Let justice flow like water, and righteousness, like an unfailing stream” (Amos 5:24 HCSB).
  •  Good Teacher, we pray for better education opportunities for all Pakistanis so they can learn to read and study about things outside their borders. We ask that Your Word be readily accessible across the country.
  • Counselor and King, please encourage the body of Christ in Pakistan as they face persecution. Empower them that they might be ambassadors of peace.
  •  Lord of the Harvest, help us, Your children, see Pakistan through Your eyes. Let the lostness of her people tug at our hearts and compel us to yield our lives to Your call for more workers for the harvest.
  •  Ancient of Days, we beseech you on behalf of the younger generations of Pakistan. Fill them with a desire for truth that overpowers any human aspirations for worldly gain. Teach them Your holy ways.
  •  Beloved Savior, may the women of Pakistan come to understand that they are precious in Your sight. Reveal to them that they, too, are made in God’s image and have great worth in the Kingdom of Heaven.