Bangladesh Prayer Guides

English guides available (Bengali guides coming soon) You can navigate to the regional pages for district prayer guides with a list of the villages.  Format for printing district guides is landscape.

Bangladesh is a land of extremes. Picturesque rice fields and concrete city blocks. A peaceful village with children playing near a pond and a dark factory where some young children put in 12-hour days of hard labor. Colorful clothes and rich cultural customs in contrast to eyes reflecting the emptiness in their souls . . . a great Muslim majority all the outward signs of devotion, from clothes and hair to verbiage and rituals, and a small church full of believers full hearts, worshiping God.

The population swells to an approximate 161 million people with less than 1% claiming to be Christian. It is a country slightly smaller than the state of Iowa with more people than the United States west of the Mississippi River. Bangladesh is the 4th largest Muslim country in the world (89%) and the 3rd largest Hindu country in the world (8%). Birthed in a war in 1971, this land has experienced great loss and conflict. Natural and man-made disasters claim lives annually, adding to their burden. In the midst of these difficulties it is the hope in Jesus that fills the hearts of the less than 1 percent of the population who claim to know Him. Join with us in lifting up our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters that they might have a joy and perseverance in these times.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray that God will continue to bring fruit to all the prayer, sowing, and labor that has been invested in lives of the Bangladeshi people. Pray for love, courage and daily renewal for those serving throughout Bangladesh.
  •  Pray for the “next generation” of Bangladeshis — the students — to hear and respond to God’s Holy Word. Pray that they will choose to follow Isa (Jesus) and stand strong for Him in the midst of persecution.
  • Praise the Lord for the new believers that have come to faith in Jesus Christ. Pray that they might be bold to go and tell others. Pray for their protection, both spiritual and physical, as they obediently follow Jesus to the ends of the earth.
  • Praise You God for Your goodness and mercy. May the people of Bangladesh call upon the name of the Lord and experience the grace, the forgiveness, and the salvation You alone can give.
  • You alone God are the hope for the oppressed and good news to the poor. Bring Bangladeshis out of despair by Your saving grace. May they find comfort knowing they have a home in heaven with You.
  •  Dear Lord, we pray that You bring nourishment to the body and soul of the people of Bangladesh. Reveal Yourself to them so they may never hunger and thirst again.
  •  Lord we beseech You on behalf of those who experience unfathomable pain and suffering. Be near them. Rescue them. Save them from their earthly oppressors and from Satan who desires their souls as well. Free them Lord—now and for eternity.
  •  Abba Father, You know us each by name and the number of hairs on our head. You love us deeply and have plans for us to have a hope and a future. Shower Your love like the monsoon rains on the women of Bangladesh. May they know Your love for them.
  •  Savior of the world, thank You for the light that is present in Bangladesh through Your body-the church. Help them to be filled with Your love and peace and be united together. Give them passion to share the Good News with the lost.