Nepal Prayer Guides

Nepal is most well known as the home of Mt. Everest tallest mountain in the world, but it is also home to many unreached areas where many villages have yet to hear about Jesus even for the first time.

Nepal is divided into five developmental regions, within these regions are found zones, and each zone has several districts. You will note that the government has a division called VCD (Village Development Committee). The VDC is a group of villages and settlements and also have a sub-division called wards. Please go to the regional pages and select a district. You can download and print out the prayer guide.

The prayer guides for Nepal is to be printed off on A4 paper and then stapled or bound using landscape view. It should make a flipchart booklet.

Nepal Prayer Guide Cover

Please pray for every village by name in the district you have selected.

For the village list the columns have the following title:

VDC_C  = Village Development Committee Code

VDC English = Village Development Committee Name in English

VDC Nepali = Village Development Committee Name in Nepali

WNO = Ward Number

Name = Name of village

The last column is the village name in Nepali

 Many challenges face Nepalis. For more than a decade, the country was engulfed in a civil war between government forces and the Communist Party, or Maoist Party, of Nepal. In 2007, the Nepali government awarded the Maoist Party governmental representation, however, violence still occurs sporadically. Another challenge in the country is the very mountains that provide the country’s beauty and appeal. These mountains serve to isolate many people groups from both progress and the Good News.

Nevertheless, Nepal is going through a time of great change and potentially great promise. Formerly a Hindu Kingdom, Nepal’s newest constitution makes it a secular state, and, consequently, Nepalis are becoming more open to hearing and accepting the Gospel.

Prayer for Nepal and its beautiful people:

  •  Omnipotent One, the hearts of Nepalis are weary from continuing civil conflict and protests. We pray that the hope and joy David expressed in the Psalms will become a reality for more and more Nepalis as they turn to Christ (see Psalms 4:6-8).
  • Loving Father, allow the doors of opportunity into Nepal to remain open for Your children to reach the remote villages and communities in the Hima­layan Mountains with the Gospel.
  • Lord of the Harvest, we ask you in faith to bring more workers for the harvest fields of Nepal. Raise up Your children from within and outside of Nepal to carry the Gospel across the land.
  • Precious Bridegroom, thank you for church-plant­ing movements (CPMs) in some of Nepal’s people groups. Release the power of the Holy Spirit to spread these CPMs into other unreached people groups (UPGs) who need a testimony of Your sav­ing grace.
  • Living Word, we pray that the people of Nepal will have easy access to the life-giving Word of God. Prepare them to receive Your words recorded in the Gospels so they may know for certain that You are God.
  • Mighty Shepherd, call out specific Nepali believers to be Your apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, “for the training of the saints in the work of ministry, to build up the body of Christ, until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowl­edge of God’s Son [growing] into a mature man with a stature measured by Christ’s fullness” (Ephesians 4:11-16).
  • King of Kings, elected officials and Maoist leaders have decided that Nepal no longer needs its mon­archy. To say, “We no longer want a King” seems mind-boggling, yet every day, millions of Nepalis say those words to You when they reject Your Word and truth. Reveal Yourself as the only truly sover­eign King who loves, forgives, saves, and teaches His people.